(en) A bug found in Cremona (Italy)

(article first published in italian here : https://csakavarna.org/?p=4232)

One year after the last discovery of a GPS bug in the car belonging to comrades in Cremona, we just made another find. In the same car, we found a bug, connected to a Vodafone SIM card (protected by a PIN code), with the microphone placed in upholstery of the vehicle roof. The work, with great delicacy, was done inside the car and the bug wires were hidden in the isolation case. The device was connected to the car electrical system, so that the bug turned on when the car started.

We don’t know when this control toy was put in place. Maybe it was because it wasn’t nice, for the spies, to get caught the hands in the jar of jam, last year. It’s a shame that these hands aren’t dirty with jam, but with blood. Blood that comes from wars, control, repression, cages. We have only contempt for those who spy on the lives of others. Passion for freedom is stronger than any authority.

Below, pictures of the device (click on the pictures to see them bigger) :

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